Get Utility & Civil takeoffs done for you by Beam AI

The only end-to-end automated utility takeoff software that takes off utility piping, earthwork and concrete quantities for you
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Water, Sanitary, Concrete, Rebar & Earthwork takeoff - Beam AI does it all

Save 90% time with done-for-you concrete takeoffs
Get water, sanitary & other utility piping & fittings taken off
Beam AI auto-detects all kinds piping, their sizes, material types from plans and profiles. Gives you all fittings - bends, ties, wyes, megalugs & more!
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Spending hours on calculating rebar quantities? No more!
Automated earthwork quantities
Get your cut, fill, bedding, cover quantities taken off for every pipe and every region in the planset - without any effort.
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Spend more time coordinating with your customer and vendors
Concrete CYD and Rebar Tons taken off for you
Instead of spending 50% of the bid cycle taking off plans, let Beam AI do the heavy lifting for you. Stop spending hours on reading section details
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Win more jobs & be the first-quote-out
Win more jobs & be the first-quote-out
With more time to refine estimates and send our more bids, you close more than ever before. Be the first-quote-out while being competitive
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Your words, not ours
Beam AI enables your Estimating Team to scale effortlessly
John C Meyer
"Helped me win a multi-million $ bid"
Beam AI has helped me save at least 90% time on takeoffs. It's highly accurate - it helped me win a multi-million $ bid by a margin of a few thousand dollars. Now I'm able to focus on refining my estimates instead of spending hours on takeoffs. Kudos to Beam AI for the great product!
John C Meyer
Project Manager & Business Development Services, Legacy Companies, Inc
John C Meyer
"Beam AI allowing me to handle more projects efficiently"
I've had a fantastic experience using Beam AI! This tool has significantly cut down the time it takes me to prepare bids, allowing me to handle more projects efficiently. The accuracy of the takeoffs is remarkable, ensuring that my bids are competitive and precise. Additionally, the team at Beam AI is wonderful to work with; they are supportive and always willing to help. I highly recommend Beam AI to anyone looking to streamline their bidding process and improve accuracy.
Kelly Chamberlin
National Director, Sales & Marketing at Insulated Wall Holdings LLC DBA Wally Walls
Set up a takeoff in less than 2 minutes & let Beam AI do the rest
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The only 100% automated construction takeoff software

Frequently asked questions

Why are automated blueprint takeoffs needed?

Blueprint takeoff software traces blueprints so that you don't have to. It determines the quantities of materials for you using cutting-edge AI technology, saving 90% of your time otherwise spent on takeoffs. You can process up to 30% more takeoffs with Beam AI without any additional effort.

Can I try out the software for free?

Absolutely! Book a demo with us and then our product expert will set up a free trial for you.

What does the pricing structure look like?

Beam AI operates on an annual subscription model, granting you credits in the form of workable sheets for your takeoffs. The annual subscription is built to meet your requirements.

How does an AI-based takeoff software work?

Our AI-based takeoff software automates the tracing of plan docs and calculation of all material quantities for you. All you need to do is to upload the plans on our platform, define the scope of work, and hit Proceed! Once the AI does the takeoff, the AI-generated takeoff goes through a Quality Assurance step where it is reviewed to ensure everything is accurate and matches the scope you provide during the set up.